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Wedding rings are pieces of jewellery symbolizing love and commitment. According to old traditions it is common to use diamonds and rubies in the wedding ring, the diamonds symbolizing eternity and the ruby love.

You can choose your favourite ring among our models or you can order a unique ring, which will be made only for you.


Engravings >>


The engraver at Atelier Eklöf will engrave your engagement and wedding rings by hand.


Beautiful ornaments can also be engraved on the outside of the ring, as well as texts, names and dates.


Morning gift

The morning gift is traditionally a gift that a man gives his wife on the morning after the wedding night.


This is a beautiful tradition with a long history. For the last 200 years the morning gift has often been a piece of jewellery.


Morning gift1.jpg

Diamond Snowflake

18K white gold, 40 different size brilliants


If you want to order a morning gift that matches the wedding rings, we'll design and make it for you. 

Custom Jewellery >>

We offer a once-a-year guarantee service for all rings made in our Atelier, where we clean and polish the rings as well as check the stone-settings.


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