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 Goldsmith's work

We feel that even a simple ring with an individual engraving reflecting the master’s hands has a special value.

Nowadays, in the time of mass production and supermodels we prefer to follow ancient traditions. All our jewellery is handmade by our goldsmiths and can be tailored for individuals using traditional craftsmanship to reach perfection.


We use precious metals; 18K yellow, white, and red gold, as well as sterling silver, high quality diamonds and precious stones like tourmalines and sapphires. If you fancy special and unique diamonds in exotic cuts and colours, we can order them for you.


We try to take notice of your wishes in the design and will make drawings that show what the final piece will look like, or even a rough model in silver if necessary, before proceeding to work with gold and diamonds.

The process of making jewellery

The process of making a piece of jewellery consists of many steps.

Every piece is carefully manufactured and polished before soldered together. 

A microscope is used by the goldsmith when making the stone-settings and other small details.


The jewellery with stone settings is made of many pieces and a hand-made clasp, for example, may consist of more than ten tiny, different parts. 

We often ask our customers to come and try on the ring before we set the stones and make the final finish. When all the stones are set, and the surface is matted or polished, we do the engravings.

The unique technique
of silver crochet

We make crochet necklaces, bracelets and earrings in silver or gold. Using 0,30-0,35mm wire, a crochet hook and a special technique we create delicate chains and lacelike jewellery.

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