We love to use pearls in our jewellery, both as strands and combined with precious stone beads, silver and gold. Tahiti, Akoya, South Sea, Keshi and Freshwater pearls are found in our collection, and we can order all kinds of pearls for you.  


The Tahiti pearl is found in French Polynesia in the South Pacific and is the only naturally black pearl. Shades range from light silver-grey to black and can vary with tones in different colours. They are found in many shapes; baroque, pearls with circles and perfect drops and rounds and are among the largest pearls in the world, between 8-20mm.



The Akoya Pearl is a classical,saltwater cultured pearl, originally cultivated in Japan. The shapes are round or slightly baroque and 2-9mm in size, colours vary from white, white/rose, white /blue-green to cream-coloured.


The Freshwater pearl is cultured mostly in China, and come in many different shapes and sizes. Different shades of white, pink and pastels are achieved naturally, but freshwater pearls are also treated to get more unusual colours.

The Keshi Pearl come from several types of pearls oysters. Keshi is pure mother-of-pearl and considering its growth pattern, very close to a natural pearl. Also the big South Sea and Tahiti pearl oysters produce Keshi.

The South Sea Pearl oysters create pearls in white, silver white, white-rose and cream or yellow, gold and cream. Shapes can vary from baroque to button-, drop-shaped or round, and the size from 9-20mm.

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