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 Meadow Flower collection 


(Meadow Flower)

Yellow Diamond Ring


Our ring Niittykukka (Meadow Flower) is one of finalists in the competition Suomen Kaunein Sormus 2017 that is held for the 10th time this year. The theme was Finland 100 years from the designer's point of view.

Yellow Diamond Ring in 18K white and yellow gold with a 0,65ct yellow rose-cut diamond.

Woman Walking in the Field

Finland is a country where people can appreciate simple things. Clear air and water, freshly baked bread, wildflowers and a child's smile is enough for happiness. We reflected it in a simple form of a flower. Even though naive, it is perfected by nature.


White and Yellow Gold symbolize two beautiful seasons in Finland: winter and summer. Yellow diamond - Northern sun.


Petri Eklöf

The yellow, rose-cut diamond in Meadow Flower inspired me to make a flower-shaped ring. Its cut and colour resembles the capitulum of a flower. I wanted to create a ring that shows its beauty, using both white-and yellow gold. Our daughter's childhood drawings of simple flower jewellery are also sources of inspiration. 

I have worked as a goldsmith for 22 years, first as an employee and since 2001 in my own business in Helsinki together with my wife. I started this work by coincidence, but got excited and stayed in the field.


In my work I am a perfectionist, and I try to make as beautiful and durable jewellery as possible. I like all the pieces to be polished and neat, and the final product to be beautiful seen from all sides. It interests me to solve technical problems and to manufacture new tools that make my work easier. I like complicated constructions, and in my work I'd rather set the bar high than low, but i still like simple shapes  and  symmetry. 

I would like people to learn how to appreciate Finnish handicraft and how to see the difference between cheap, imported mass-production and unique work.

Flower pendant in 18K white and yellow gold with one side polished and the other matte.


The pendant can be engraved with for example the names of your children and more flowers in different colour gold can be added.

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