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 Exclusive Jewellery 

In our atelier we make exclusive jewellery by special order.

Exclusive Jewellery2.jpg

At Atelier Eklöf customers can discuss all details of the design in person with the goldsmith and engraver

Exclusive Jewellery_detal_r.jpg

Big Sapphire Ring

and Earrings


Custom made ring in 18K white and yellow gold. The middle stone is a big, dark blue sapphire with brilliants around and on the sides. A drop shaped diamond is hanging loosely in the front of the setting.

The yellow gold surface is hand engraved with a decorative pattern and under the setting is an engraved monogram.

Custom made earrings in 18K white and yellow gold with dark blue sapphires and diamonds.

Exclusive Jewellery_engr5.jpg

Diamond Snowflake

18K white gold, 41 different size brilliants


These beautiful pieces of jewellery look antique and royal, and have name after historical queens

My Queen Collection >>


11ct rose-cut, light turquoise tourmaline. 40 top quality brilliants are set around the middle stone, and 15 yellow, green and clear diamonds on the sides.


The ring is completely hand made in 18K yellow-, white-, red- and green gold.

We also recreate new jewellery using the material and precious stones of old pieces that you want to change.


Sets of Diamond Jewellery

Our customer ordered a whole set of diamond jewellery, consisting of earrings, pendant and bracelet. 


As a special detail, the earrings and pendant may be worn in two different ways; only the middle part with one bigger diamond, or with both the middle and the diamond flower together.

We have also inserted the customer’s own monogram in the set, according to her wishes.

We have also inserted the customer’s own monogram in the set, according to her wishes.


Song of Songs


"Song of Songs" ring with the hand-engraved text from the Bible,

Song of Songs 8:6-7 in Swedish:


Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arms. For love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Many waters cannot quench love; rivers cannot sweep it away.

When ordering this ring the text can of course be engraved in other languages.

Price from 2000€

Grigio Ring

Red and white gold,

1,58ct grey square diamond

and 24 yellow brilliants

VKS2018 Logo.png

18K white gold alliance ring with F/VVS diamonds around it an 18K rose gold snake with a fancy red diamond in its mouth 

Freya n2 box_100.jpg

Ring with decorative engravings, Freya 

18K white and yellow gold, one 0,39ct rose cut and small brilliant cut diamonds 


Fancy Felicia

Completely hand made in 18K rose- and white gold with decorative engravings. There are no cast or 3D-designed parts in this ring! The stones are naturally pink (Fancy) and clear diamonds


Fiore ring 

18K gold, in the middle one 1,5ct clear and around it 10x0,10ct fancy yellow diamonds

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