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Atelier Eklöf is known for its excellent hand engravings.
Artistic engravings make your jewellery unique and personal.

We have jewellery with artistic engravings in our collections and can create new designs according to your wishes. 


Jewellery may be engraved with ornaments, a date in Roman numerals, a personal message to your beloved, poems in Latin, or even Runic characters.

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Engagement and wedding rings

The engraver at Atelier Eklöf will engrave your engagement and wedding rings by hand within a few days. The engraving is usually executed in script but also Asian, Gothic and even "Tale of the Ring" type characters are popular. However, it may be wise to reserve some extra time for more unusual texts.



Personal and stylistically pure monograms

The engraver can design a new monogram for you, in keeping with the style of the object, or she can reproduce old ones. We also engrave wedding and mirror monograms.


Christening gifts

In addition to traditional godparent's gifts the engraver at Atelier Eklöf will engrave old or new spoons or pieces of jewellery with pictures according to the desires of the giver.


Engravings on silverware

If you have sets of spoons, forks and knives that you would like to have engraved, we can design and engrave a monogram with your initials or a wedding monogram with the initials of the bride and groom. For a chest of silverware, please ask for a price!


Engraving glass

Glass engravings are made using a small diamond drill. For instance champagne glasses engraved with the names of the bridal couple and the date of the wedding could be a fine wedding gift.

Coats of arms and seals

You may have your coat of arms engraved on a signet ring and also inverted to be used as a seal. Coats of arms can also be engraved on medallions, spoons and other table silver. We also do decorative engravings on guns, rifles and pistols.


Engraved ring Freya, 18K white and yellow gold, 0,39ct rose-cut diamonds and small high quality brilliants

With the KSF-media card you get a -10% discount on hand engravings!

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