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When your dreams come true!

If you can't find jewellery that you like, but have an idea about what you're looking for, we will help you with the design and make the jewellery that you dream about. 



 Custom Jewellery  

Most of our jewellery is made-to-order.

Sets of Diamond Jewellery

Our customer ordered a whole set of diamond jewellery, consisting of earrings, pendant and bracelet. 


We have also inserted the customer’s own monogram in the set, according to her wishes.

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Diamond Rings

We are often asked to make diamond rings. We then discuss what the customer have in mind, and also ask if there is a budget, so that we can choose suitable stones. It's also possible to use your own stones.

Goldsmith's work >>

Jewellery according

to your wishes

Besides diamonds, we like to use other precious stones such as sapphires and tourmalines, and of course all kinds of cultured pearls in our jewellery.


If you for example have a necklace that you love, but no matching earrings, we can make them for you or we can redesign and make something new out of your old jewellery.


An old pearl necklace can be changed into a new, fresh, modern style by using silver or gold wire, combining the old pearls with other colourful beads or pearls of your choice.

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Signet rings with coats of arms are typical engraved custom orders, but also wedding bands with text, dates or ornaments on the outside.


More about hand engravings >>

Different diamonds!


At our Atelier You'll find unique diamonds in different colours and cuts, for You who would like something unique and personal, designed and made especially for You

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