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 My Queen Collection 


My Queen Collection

For several years Petri has made me unique earrings, inspired by the sceptres at the Royal Treasury in Stockholm, as special gifts.

These beautiful pieces of jewellery look antique and royal, and I have named four of them after historical queens; some of the names also run in our families.


I wear these beauties every day, but would like to share them with our customers.

Kristina:  Green tourmaline and small, green brilliants
Victoria:  Brown diamond and baguette-cut small diamonds

Katarina:  Peach coloured sapphire and small brilliants

Elisabeth: Diamond and small brilliants


Princess Leia:  Meteorite, 18K white gold and yellow diamonds


You can now order custom made My Queen - style rings, pendants or earrings - every piece of jewellery will
be unique! The material used is 18K white- and yellow gold, with different precious stones

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