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Purposeful Designing

In our workshop we design and manufacture all kinds of jewellery for sale, and also as custom orders. 

If you can't find a piece of jewellery you like, but have an idea what you're looking for, we will help you with the design and make the jewellery you dream about. 


In case you would like personal matching engagement and wedding rings, let us know about your wishes and budget, and we’ll plan the rings together.


We will start the process of making custom-made jewellery by discussing the design, drawing sketches and choosing stones. Your own rough sketch of what you have in mind could be a good start!



Customer's sketch, our drawing

and final product


Jewellery can be engraved with ornaments, a date in Roman numerals, a personal message to your beloved, poems in Latin, or even Runic characters.

The engraver at Atelier Eklöf will be pleased to design a personal or a wedding monogram for you.



All kinds of repairs are carried out by our goldsmiths, for example mounting of gemstones, shortening of chains, as well as changing the size of rings, while at the same time old engravings are retained or restored.

With the KSF-media card you get a -10% discount on hand engravings!


One of the services we offer is the renewal of jewellery that you don't like anymore.

You can choose between minor restorations or a completely new design made from the materials of your old piece of jewellery.

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