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The Anemone-collection was designed by our daughter, Elin Eklöf, and consists of silver and gold flowers with precious stones. The flowers come in two sizes as rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings with studs or hooks.


The Snowdrop-collection is inspired by the little, white flower called snow-drop, that shows us the first signs of spring. The earrings, pendants and rings are made in silver with freshwater pearls, but can also be ordered in gold.


The Aster-earrings, also flower-shaped, are made in 18K white or yellow gold with precious stones and pearls in different colours.


The Snowflake-collection consists of pendants and earrings with studs or hooks, polished, or with different decorative engravings. Some unique Snowflakes are made in silver or gold with diamonds.


Nature has always been a great source of inspiration in our jewellery design. The beauty of the forest, the sea and the mountains as well as flowers, plants and animals can be found in both collections and unique pieces.

Sweet Berries


We combine pearls with precious stone beads like tourmalines, garnets and sunstones to make delicious jewellery.



Pheasant feathers, tourmaline and green garnets



Snäckviken means Shell Bay and is our wonderful summer paradise Snäckviken is also our new spring- and summer collection that consists of shell and pearl jewellery  

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