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 Vuoden Kaunein Sormus 
(Most beautiful ring of the year) competition  

Colorito Ring


Finalists in the competition Vuoden koru 2023 (Jewellery of the Year 2023)



Colorito is a handmade diamond ring full of colour and joy. The structure of the surface is like a colourful puzzle -  glimpses and tints of joy from past generations’ jewels with modern, different colour diamonds.



18K gold alloys with different metals: yellow-, white- and red gold


Different colour irradiated, natural diamonds: 35 pcs á 0,02ct, together about 0,70ct.



The price of this ring: 3600€




Here is the Colorito diamond ring with a ring without stones, made with the same technique.
The materials are 18K red-, white- and intense yellow gold

Atelier Eklöf_Tiima_w.jpg
Atelier Eklöf_Tiima2w.jpg


The theme for The Most Beautiful Ring in Finland 2022 competition was "A New Beginning". Petri manufactured the Tiima diamond ring that made it to the finals, by hand.


Birjuza ring

Birjuza means turquoise in Russian. This Fabergé-inspired ring is named after the lovely 11ct rose-cut, light turquoise tourmaline.



40 top quality brilliants are set around the middle stone, and 15 yellow, green and clear diamonds on the sides. The ring is completely hand made in 18K yellow-, white-, red- and green gold


Freya ring with 0,91ct champagne brilliant cut diamond

Freya ring 

is finalist in the competition The Ring of the Year in Finland 2019!


18K white- and yellow gold, engraved surface 0.44ct rose-cut diamond

4pcs 1,5-1,55mm TW/VS brilliant-cut diamonds, total weight 0,0544ct

16pcs 1,0mm TW/VS brilliant-cut diamonds, total weight 0,0672ct

Midsummer is one of our oldest celebrations, and is also a popular day for getting married. Since ancient times, people have honoured the summer solstice - the longest day and shortest night of the year - with ritual fires and flowers as a sign of rebirth and new  life. In the Norse mythology, Freya is the goddess of love and fertility, and also the patroness of marriage.

The theme of the Most Beautiful Ring of the Year 2019 competition “From celebration to celebration” was really exciting. I wanted to create an engraved diamond ring that reflects both ancient traditions as well as modern time summer parties. The myths about the goddess of love and fertility have given me great inspiration to the golden Freya-ring. Its diamonds and decorative flower-engravings symbolize both old and new celebrations and traditions of Midsummer.


We now also have earrings and a necklace in our Freya collection, and there is more to come. The Freya jewellery is hand-made to shine and last through all kinds of celebrations, and is now one of the finalists in the competition Jewellery of the Year 2021!


Grigio Ring

Red and white gold,

1,58ct grey square diamond

and 24 yellow brilliants


Yellow Diamond Ring in 18K white and yellow gold with a 0,65ct yellow rose-cut diamond.


(Meadow Flower)

Yellow Diamond Ring


Our ring Niittykukka (Meadow Flower) is one of finalists in the competition Suomen Kaunein Sormus 2017 that is held for the 10th time this year. The theme was Finland 100 years from the designer's point of view.

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